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So for about two months I’ve had a rattle in the rear area of the Suburban and it is driving me nuts. It is on the passenger side, rear of the rear door about in line with the third row seats. I’ve had my dad drive around with me and it is definitely not coming from the door area, which was my first suspicion.


I removed everything from the rear area, put all of the seats down, and drove around, no help. I took the rear passenger wheel off, but couldn’t find anything remotely loose that appears to make the same noise. I didn’t take off the fender liner, it looks like there isn’t anything up there between the liner and the wheel well.

It sounds like two painted metal parts rubbing against each other, or maybe really hard plastic. I’m pretty sure it is in the interior. Maybe like a slightly loose shock mount, but that is on the exterior and I checked it, no movement on that at all.

In this picture it seems to come from the area near that little storage pocket.

Illustration for article titled Help with a rattle / creak

I’m hesitant to start pulling interior trim off since I can’t find a good diagram and don’t want to pull on the wrong place and break it. The lower rear trim back there is one long piece from the rear door to the liftgate.

Any help finding a good diagram of the interior trim, or just ideas in general?


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