Revived the Neon out of it's winter storage (Re: Outside)

The neon was stored like this all winter:

You may be thinking, "What in the sweet heck is this straight up mother fudger doing?!"
First, let me say, it's a Neon. Shells are $800. Second, it's my Neon with a body from 2004 and a roof from 2001. Third, relative humidity at these temperatures is almost nothing, and the final wax (and snow) should help protect the paint.

Moving on , I pulled dug it out from the snow bank it was in. As it was +15°C outside (59°F) yesterday afternoon. I put the battery in the car (I store it inside, as it's -40° outside most of the winter) and the car didn't even turn over. Great. Time for a new battery.

Off to Cambodian tire, grab new battery, put said new batty in. Now it looks like this:


Add some air to the tires, check the fluids and let it warm up. Awesome.

Not awesome, I tried to start it this morning, it had chewed thorough it's battery in once night.
Now I have to find the short. Or I left the lights on. Probably a short.


Anyone else chased shorts before? I have been reading I am to disconnect the battery and the positive terminal for the wiring harness (or negative), and then connect it (the car should be off) with a multimeter. Once you wait for all the PCM's to power down (~10min) you should read a relatively low amperage draw (0.05m amps for the neon). Much more, and then you start pulling fuses to see where the loss is.

If anyone has any advice, please let me know!