Help with mold and mystery leak

The disposal stopped working last week. After being out of town over the weekend, I was finally able to look at it today, and discovered this situation.


Well fuck. That’s a lot of mold...


This is the outlet the disposal was plugged in to. Turns out its dead now. I checked the breaker to make sure it hadn’t tripped anything and all was good there. I ran an extension cord from another outlet and plugged the disposal into that and it ran just fine.


Oh, and the base shelf of the cabinet is starting to bow a little.

After running everything, I’m not seeing any visible leaks or drips. Everything is dry to the touch. So I’m at a loss here. Is it something in the walls? Am I gonna need to start ripping it alm out to get to the water lines? What say you home repair gurus of Oppo?

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