UPDATE: Brian was right. Use a 2-11, it's a lot of fun.

Before you say go to the Forums. Video game forums aren't friendly places. It is where all the biggest Dickheads roam and nobody wants to be slapped in the face by a dick... anyway Forza 5 Achievement whoring.

As of this moment I'm looking to get the Factory Legend achievement where I need to reach full affinity with 8 manufacturers, I have 7 out of 8 with Lotus being my last one but the progress has been slow, really slow. I'm currently using the Esprit Twin Turbo, see below.


Reasons being I like how it sounds and how it drives, well except one part the Turbo Lag. Man, is it bad. My main focus on Forza games has always been the brakes because a lot of people brake way too early on multiplayer so it helps widen the gaps but coming out of the corners, I got nothing. Lots of noise, not much go even downshifting isn't helping.

So anyone got any advice because I like the Esprit but I love Achievements.

Also, Aspiration swaps aren't available and an Engine swap puts me into S Class.

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