Helped my Papaw sell his Tacoma today.

We were asking $3,500 and we got $3,000 out of it. Papaw was willing to come down on the price because the brake, ABS, and check engine lights are on. All minor fixes (sensors need replacing) but his mechanic quoted $400.00 to fix them all. The A/C compressor squeaks occasionally, too.

Papaw has owned it since 2004 (it’s a 2003). It’ll be strange seeing it putter around town and not be driven by him.

I hope the new owners get as much trouble-free usage out of it as Papaw has. He’s had it since 14,000 miles or so (has 185,800-ish now) and the only issues it has had are the aforementioned sensors he never bothered to fix, and a rusted out muffler, which he did fix.


Farewell, Taco.

(Still slightly regretting not dumping my S10 for the Taco.)


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