Been dealing with a google drive issue for a few weeks now; basically google used to have a tool that uploaded all your pictures and video automatically to their cloud for pics and you could upload as many as you wanted for free at a reduced size. Then they changed to a new tool and its been uploading all my pictures and raw files in full res to my drive which quickly clogs it up fast, even though my settings all indicate that I only want the free unlimited option. This is a problem because gmail and drive are tied storage so once its full I can’t even attach anything to email, or get attachments.

Mostly the 13 reply back and forth with support has been helpful and they’ve been quick to respond with acknowledgements of no wrong doing on my part. Something something backend bug, known problem.

Last night I sent in a grundle of screen shots per request to see if their fix had taken effect. The response back -

“Thank’s for the response!


Based on the screen shot you’ve sent, It seems storage are still on your Google Drive. To get more space, I recommend deleting large items from your Google drive. Lastly, Items in your Trash still take up space. Learn how to empty your trash.



It seems the problem is that storage are still on my drive...


I tend not to be an ass with support but this was the response they got back from me. Seriously.