I friend had his '06 Forester shortened by about a third by another driver, so now he needs to replace it.

His budget is $10K tax & tag included as he basically has the check from the insurance company and nothing else(been unemployed for a few years now). Needs something wagon-like to haul his LARP gear, hated the minivan he used to have, can't drive stick and values comfort & toys over driving dynamics, etc. He thought the Forester was just about perfect.

Going to be buying through a dealership as the better quality cars that have already been serviced are worth the cost trade-off. Also means not dealing with terrible craigslist sellers and other hassles as he needs wheels sooner than later.

Stuff I have been looking at:



http://www.longsubaru.com/used/Subaru/20… (I'm fairly sure I can get this down around $9k for a cash sale)


He's up in the Boston area, but I have found bugger all around there under 10K that is worth looking at.

Thoughts? Ideas? Non-crap way to search multiple dealer inventories at once?