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Hemi boat rental car Update: Boat tried to do a 180 on me!

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Update: I was on a 2 lane interstate in the right lane doing bout 60, I go to switch lane with about 70 80% throttle. The next thing I feel is the rear end coming around. At this point I had a semi on my right, a semi in front of me, grass on my left and a pickup behind me; all vehicles within 2 3 car lengths. I went ½ ¾ oppo lock then the electronics kick in and then its sliding the other way. Somehow I gathered it up while keeping it in the lane.


Still kinda wondering what made it do that, I had pushed it quite a bit before the moment and me thinks it shouldn’t have done that. Maybe the wet tarmac, me turning to switch lanes, camber of the road and the sudden kickdown caused it....

It sounds amazing! Also, I seem to have better luck than E90 when it comes to rental cars...


AMA. I’ll be driving but will look at Oppo later.

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