So this is what she looks like so far. The clear tubing will have to be replaced. It's hard to see from the picture, but the hoses are collapsing. Pretty tough hoses too, so there's more vacuum pressure than there should be.

So I pulled the PCV valve out to see what's going on. Sort of. The PCV valve basically broke in half as soon as I went to remove it. Think that might have been the problem? Me too.

I've been digging through info about the replacement ones, and most of the aftermarket ones make a rattling noise. Damn dealer parts. Oh well, I need a new roof rack latch and visor clip anyway. I'm going to check the catch can when I get the new PCV valve, it's been a couple hundred miles since I installed it (I really rack on the miles). Thinking I may also have to pull off the intake and check underneath and clean. Not sure how to even get some of the metal hoses to separate without a big problem. I'll have to consult a few friends with HEMI's and see what they did, or if I should even bother, and just mash the pedal harder for a while.

Anyway, thinking of using a much tougher fuel line for the catch can to prevent future collapses. I also need to get teflon tape for the fittings, and a tool box to stick all my newly accumulated crap in. I also need to start selling some of the stock parts, because they're not going back in. In other news, it also appears that the gas tank may start giving me some trouble. It's gone through a few full tanks, and at one specific station, the pump has clicked at about 1/8 below full. No issues running, but definitely indicative of something not being 100% kosher. I'm giving it time though.

It's starting to look all cleaned up. Just need to get the hose out and wash the engine.


I did find $0.31 under the seats and in the spare tire well though, starting to pay me!