HEMI Wagon Project Log: Update! With Pictures!

So I've received a few toys in the mail, and I got around to installing some of them, though I did pull a stupid, and drove the car to the bank after taking a late lunch, and the car was not cool enough to even bother with the spark plugs. Being aluminum, the last thing I wanted to do was strip any threads. I'll do it in the morning hopefully.

So what I've done over the past 5 days is this:

Installed the K&N Cold Air Intake. Jesus. This car now needs an exhaust to match. Whenever I roll the throttle between about 1800RPM to just under 5000RPM, it's the most glorious sound. Dear lord it was one of the worst things I could have done to the car. My gas mileage has immediately plummeted, because I find myself rolling the throttle just to hear it. Oh it's just incredible.


I also cleaned the throttle body, but need to go back and clean it again a bit more aggressively. Most of the residue came off, but some was pretty stubborn, so I want to deal with that as well. Response is way better than before, and it was immediately noticeable from the moment I pulled out of the parking lot after installing it.

The filter is also the approximate size of a small child. I wasn't aware of this (I was, but it still surprised me). Sorry, no banana for scale, my fist instead.


I also got around to installing the Oil Catch Can. Now, the tubing is temporary, just so that I can get an idea of the flow, and how dirty it's getting. Once it's all said and done, I think I'll just be putting in some fuel line, maybe sleeving it just to keep it neat.


Had to improvise with the mounting bracket and location, but it seemed to work out very well. I will eventually paint it black. I also want to take a wire brush to that one ground and clean it up a bit. Most importantly, yes, I can get the bottom of the catch can off without removing it. That was half the battle. I'm not taking it out again until the plugs and plug wires are done. I also need to park it on a flat surface so I can check the oil. It was pretty far down, but the parking lot is not level (not particularly close either). When I change the oil, it'll be Royal Purple. Luckily for me, it's an even 6qts, so I don't even have to bother with fancy measuring, I just get 6 qts and dump it in. The Neon is 4.6qts, and it's just a hassle.


What the whole mess looks like currently:


The Shorty Plug wires are going in tomorrow, and hopefully will clean it up even more (along with checking the plug gaps). I'm trying to find just a normal self serve car wash with power washers that isn't too far away so I can get the grime off the engine bay. It's getting there slowly.

Front end noise seems to go away when it's hot out, and come back when it's cold out. I'm going to be getting a set of sway bar links to try first, before getting a full bushing kit, but the drivers' side upper control arm was screwed up on installation, and the upper ball joint looks crushed. Bastards. Part might be under warranty though, so I think I'll try that as soon as I'm there. If one is under warranty, I may try to just get both replaced.


Here's how it started:

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