I am never let down by Amazon.

So I ordered a "used" K&N Cold Air Intake for the wagon. The box arrived just as my Prime Membership ordered, in 2 days. Best money I spent was on my prime membership.

The kit looks like someone bought it, opened it, and sent it back. The air filter is brand new, all nuts/bolts and other hardware was either sealed or new. The intake tube itself looks used, but for the amount of new hardware included, I saved more than just $100.

The new filter alone would have been $60+, and the headache of trying to figure out mounting gear would have been a disaster. Color me one happy Amazon customer.

Ive pre-assembled it as much as possible, gathered my tools, and as soon as my lunch break comes, if its not a torrential downpour, Ill install it. I do plan to clean the throttle body when installing this as well. Gives me an idea of how clean the engine is running as well.


Catch can is still on the way as well as Shorty wires and a keychain plug gap tool so I can check the plugs when doing the wires. The catch can will also be getting a collapsed hose out of the PCV system. Id replace the hose, but since the engine isnt losing power or oil, Id rather wait the few more days, and do it once, rather than twice.

Suspension noise is also narrowed down to the sway bay links, common for a Dodge. Ill get those ordered after all tje other parts get installed, and get that noise fixed. Then onto the trans fluid.