So my very good friend Mo just gave me a call. I was a little concerned at first, thinking maybe the SL was eating parts alive, but no, it was better than that.

My replacement motor is being delivered tomorrow morning.

I needed to let that sink in for a second, because the tracking number was not particularly helpful, it didn't give me updates or anything else, and I was getting concerned. I have a job interview that I'm playing musical cars to get to and from, and it's very difficult. Luckily my patient girlfriend knows how much this job will benefit both of us, and is happy to drive me back and forth. It is also very helpful that the company is being flexible knowing that I'm without a car, but doing my best to come in when they want to interview.

Mo, you made my day.

I told him if it's something later in the evening in the weekend, or whatever, just call me and I'll get it out of their way because I need my car. Good thing I have a great shop and they're hands down the best shop I've ever dealt with.


HEMI-WAGON for your afternoon inspiration.

It feels real good already. Huge weight lifted off my shoulders considering the past 3 weeks have been a goddamn nightmare.