Keep reading for a real update as well!

I made a twitter account for the HEMIWagon. Feel free to follow if you want to see occasional brief photos.


No dedicated Instagram though, you can search for my username here on Instagram if you want to follow that, it’s strictly automotive photography.

Also, today I fixed the PCV system using a fantastic trick I learned from the radiator hoses. So the absolute garbage hose the previous owner put on the PCV system collapsed every time the engine was running. No bueno. I tried getting new hose, did the same thing. Tried adding a 90* plastic bend, and the same result, just collapsed somewhere else.

What’s the trick? Put a spring inside the hose. Hose keeps the seal, spring keeps the shape while also being flexible. Really genius. No pictures because I cut my finger and my hands were a mess and I didn’t want to mess up my phone or get it really dirty, but it’s way better now. While it may be pure placebo effect, it felt like it has better throttle response, and doesn’t have a stupid whistling noise while accelerating. Some whistle from the K&N, but not nearly as noticeable.

This leaves just cleaning the belly pan and sorting through the brake system and all major things are sorted for the time being. I’m waiting for FCA to notify me that my replacement airbag is available, and I hopefully get a new gas tank/fuel filter and airbags. Not bad at all!


I’m enjoying seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Soon I’ll be able to start saving up for this:


That’ll be the day.