I havent had the joy of taking my American V8 muscle wagon in too long. Still havent taken it out for a spin, but things are starting to arrive. I got a picture from the shop today though, and it made me happy.


Yep, I dont know how many LX cars, much less Magnums are getting this kind of treatment, but you best believe its so worth it.

The bushings are almost done. Only body mounts and diff mounts left, approx. 2 weeks left for those. The car will go together and those last mounts will be done separately later.


Heres the rundown:

KW V2 coilovers front and rear

Polyurethane bushings everywhere front + rear

New brake rotors + hawk ceramic pads

Stainless steel braided flex line for all 4 brakes

New brake fluid

Oil change

5 spoke charger cop steel wheels with my Firestone Firehawk Wideoval AS tires mounted and balanced


Full front + rear alignment

And in a week or two I go to Philly to pick up two new front seats from a 2010 Challenger.


Im really really excited to make so much progress on the HEMIWagon. Ill be taking a break from heavy spending on parts until the fall when I have a Wavetrac installed in the rear. Im thinking of doing the driveshaft U joints while its apart. The last little bit will be saving up for the built HEMI and TR6060 + clutch parts to swap in.

If all goes well on Friday we’ll set the ride height for a saturday alignment. Im really hoping.