HEMIWagon Project Log: Update! Lapped the Glen

So this weekend the HEMIWagon got a chance to meet it’s maker. Literally.

Went up to Watkin’s Glen for a BMW CCA event to do photography for a friend, and the man himself, Ralph Gilles was in attendance. Lordy.


I have never met someone so awesome. When you meet him, you shake hands, and like it’s absolutely nothing, all he says is “Hey, my name is Ralph.” Oh trust me, I know. But it was awesome being around him. Super nice, super cool. Even his wife is super nice and way cool too. Those are some relationship goals we can all work towards. They’ve been married for over 20 years so far. Husband and wife track days? Why do you think Vooodoo and Bella were there?

Oh the stories from this weekend. I couldn’t even begin to tell them. I’m not even allowed to. Off to write a book about it so 50 years from now I can finally spill the beans about how I saved the weekend.


Time on the dashcam video is an hour behind, but who cares. I met a personal hero of mine, and literally had a weekend that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I half wanted Ralph to sign the car, but at the same time, I may gut things apart, change the car, and I wouldn’t want to rip something out that has sentimental value like that, so I had Ralph sign the inside of the manual.


So in a weekend, I:

-Went to Watkin’s Glen International

-Met and hung out with Ralph Gilles, his wife, and some awesome other people

-Drove the HEMIWagon around the track

-Toured the Apex Inn

-Fixed a car, made everything awesome

-Put over 500 completely trouble free miles on the car

-Broke 185,000 miles

Never ever ever let the bad outweigh the good, and take chances. You never know what kind of stories you’ll be able to tell when it’s over.


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