Many of you probably expect me to tell you about the suspension, brakes and bushings I just had done, but I havent finished with working out the kinks.

And some of you may even be curious about my 2010 Challenger RT seat swap in the front even. But I havent finished wiring the seat backs yet.

So instead you get the minor maintenance edition. Today I decided that the person who designed alternator bracket should be drawn and quartered. Seriously.

This is my alternator and new EGR valve going in. Note that you cannot fit a socket into that gap because the alternator gets in the way.


But lets take a look at the other side of the EGR valve. Theres a gap between the belt, bracket and bolt so even a fat 10mm socket can fit in there. What gives?

On the bright side, the person who made the holes on the new gasket squared off needs a raise. You can loosely thread the bolts into them and you wont lose a bolt or the gasket while reinstalling. True man of genius.


After what felt like another archaelogical dig through the trunk to unplug the battery and reset the P0404 code (lots of codes lately, obd2 bluetooth adapter cant clear any it seems on this car), shes finally up to snuff again. Ill probably try to clean the old EGR and see if its just buildup that started causing the code, if this new one ever gives me trouble, I should hopefully be able to swap them back if needed. Heres hoping.

Next on the to-do list is to pull the K&N, replace it with an ITG, and run a hard line for the PCV system. I lose a full pound of boost (NA still has manifold pressure) because the PCV system has collapsed every hose I have tried. Ill just run a stainless hardline and give it the middle finger. I should have just gone with the 6.1 intake when I had the chance. Oh well, next motor will be totally different anyway.


(towel on top because its hot out, and I needed to lean on it without burning myself)

As an added bonus for making it this far, this weekend two people have legitimately been scared I was a cop. Talked to a Porsche 968 owner in traffic, and a guy who was fishing where I go to take some photos. Its comical, and I do feel bad that they get scared, but Im not taking off my new wheels over that.