HEMIWagon Project Log: Update! Scheduling Appointments!

The seldom updated but never forgotten HEMIWagon project log, where you read about my manwagon and it’s V8.

Pesky ABS light from the carnage.

For those of you who dont know, the HEMIWagon has experienced an unspeakable trajedy. A complete waste of space opened their door into traffic, resulting in complete carnage of my car. Many parts were broken in the process. Both upsetting and very stressful. My Miata was just too little too late to save the HEMIWagon from this terrible attack.

A sad sight indeed. Caused by someone who parked in a no parking zone and opened their door into traffic.

For those who arent aware, the following parts, in no particular order, were broken or damaged: passenger side front fender, radiator core support (but not radiator), passenger headlight, passenger mirror assembly, passenger front inner wheel well, lower front splash tray, bumper cover, passenger front and rear doors, passenger front ABS wheel speed sensor, with additional scratches along the rear quarter panel on the passenger side.

I believe the powder coated wheels have escaped scratches and the hood escaped any damage from anything else. Mechanically, the car hauls ass, physically, the HEMIWagon entered a fight unwarranted, and left with a bad scar.

I have begun to work with several body shops to see where I want to go. Against popular opinion, a dealership is not out of the question due to a repair I need to have done there, that would be of no cost to me, unrelated to the paint and body work.


According to insurance, the cost will be covered. It is my intention to hold them to that, as I pay plenty for coverage, and have been a loyal paying customer so far. If they fight back, there are other insurance companies I can go to.

The HEMIWagon will be repaired, and will hunt on the streets again.

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