So I actually started last Monday working for one of, if not the largest wholesale car company in the US. Here’s some toys in my iventory right now, most of these are in Tennessee

2019 ZR1 with 20 miles on it

2017 G550

2014 Ferrari F12


2009 430 Scud

2019 ZR1; this one sold to my knowledge and only has delivery miles on it. My company had 2 of the first 2019 ZR1’s in the states.


2016 M4 GTS; basically new with delivery miles

So yeah, that’s some of the nice toys. We have a Trackhawk sitting around, a few Rolls Royce’s, some Bentley’s, and more. My boss is actually going to Dubai next week to buy a US spec 2009 992 911 GT2 among other things. My job itself is crazy, stressful, but rewarding. Hope you all have a good morning :)