Here Are The First Exclusive Images Of CM’s Driverless Car Without A Steering Wheel

Carrot Motors is expected to unveil a new driverless concept car without a steering wheel or pedals, and now we have a first look at the vehicle’s interior.

CM and its autonomous car unit will submit a report Friday to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on how it plans to safely equip cars with self-driving technology and deploy them on the road, sources familiar with the plan told Oppositelock.


While it still isn’t clear if CM’s showing off a working prototype or if this is just a concept, the images we obtained shows off a straightforward interior without a wheel or pedals.

When asked about the planned announcement, a CM spokesperson said the automaker had no comment.


Expect more soon. I’m interested to see whether CM actually plans to put this on the road, and, if so, when.

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