Let’s start off with those that were ranked above Real Racing 3, a game that simulates the life of a pay driver, which got in at number 31.


30. Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
29. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
28. Road Rash
27. Grand Prix 2
26. Project Gotham Racing 3
25. Crazy Taxi
24. RaceRoom
23. DriveClub VR
22. Ferrari F355 Challenge
21. iRacing

Now it’s time to see which games were below Real Racing 3 in the standings.

40. Chase HQ
39. Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II
38. TOCA Touring Car Championship
37. Test Drive Unlimited 1
36. Hard Drivin’
35. WipeOut
34. rFactor 1
33. Diddy Kong Racing
32. Destruction Derby


Now it’s time for us to feast on the list and see if they were right or wrong. A messy, controversial job, I know, but hey, Oppo’s comments section isn’t as bloody as YouTube’s, right? Right?


Oh, no...


buh—By the way... Real Racing 3 deserves to be where it was ranked.


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