Here goes my first official post on Oppo, hopefully first of many:

Well I finally went out and did it: I can now drive manual. It may surprise you, my fellow Jalops that I could not drive manual prior to now, but as I just turned 16 it has not been on my radar much. Now I know that one outing in a manul by no means makes me proficient, but it means that I am capable of rowing my own now.

The single best part of this arrangement is the car I got t0 drive: A 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 7.2L V8. Yeah, 7-point-freaking-two liters of madness.


This car is perfect in every way: its manual (duh), no power steering, no AC, crank windows, a non-functioning fuel gauge, and the exhaust note is the trumpets of angels. Now many of those items in the list sound like they would be faults, but they added so much to the experience. You want that right turn? You’re gonna have to work for it dammit.


If you ever get the chance to drive one of these beasts, DO IT, or even better, if you have an old Challenger and are in the NW Iowa area, give me a shout if you want to see me climax to an exhaust note.