Meanwhile I was expecting to be on the track at Sonoma Raceway all afternoon. Alas....

See that? That’s what is left of my brand new brake hose. You see the old one was looking a bit tired so why risk blowing as brake hose when they’re cheap to replace. So I put on a brand new part, which has now failed after two months. The original lasted 26 years. 🤬🤬🤬

It happened early in the morning so I could have gone back out on the track but no hoses are available anywhere until tomorrow.

On the upside the hose failed while in the hot pits waiting to go back out. If I’d have lost that hose just about anywhere on this track I’d be in a world of shit as there’s no shortage of walls. The failure was immediate too. I was there with my foot on the brake and then pedal went right to the floor. Bam. No warning. The crimp between the hose and the fitting blew out entirely taking all my brake fluid in one go.


I’ll live to fight another day.