So I'm looking to buy a new (to me) car, and get off my parents insurance, and etc etc once I graduate college. This is not a question of money, as I'm not itching for something expensive, it's a question about insurance, and registration.

So, obviously, I have to go to the DMV to deal with the registration, and insurance I need to shop around with, but here's my question..

If I buy a car tomorrow (hypothetically), what's the rules about taking a car off the road for a length of time to figure that out?

Specifically, I'm looking for a Dodge Magnum RT. I see a few for sale around my general area that I could go buy at a moments notice. I do not however have a place at home to put it. I have a couple friends who both have driveway space for it though, so I can easily call AAA and have them tow it wherever.

Will the DMV come after me if it takes me a couple months to work out insurance for it? Or will they fine me or penalize me in any way? It'll likely go under a tarp, on jack stands with the wheels off (for safety) until I can get plates on it, and valid insurance/registration.

Basically, if it's something where there wont be a problem, I can buy the car in the next couple weeks and have it stored and waiting for me, and I can even work on it a little. If it's a logistical nightmare (or I'm looking at a potential problem), then I'll hold off a little more.


This will be the first car I'm buying myself, putting in my name, etc etc, so I'd like to get into this with confidence, and a little know-how about what I'm specifically looking to do. I also only have 3 tows for AAA, so I don't want to use one when I may need it in the meantime (or even once it's all sorted out).

Have a Magnum for your troubles..