Being a grownup is kinda cool, because assuming you have a decent job, and are smart with your money, when you want to get something, you just do. But right now my gf is between jobs, which means I'm paying all the bills, so I'm not making any major purchases.

Luckily she's about to get an offer for a new job—they sent her the background check form yesterday which is a good sign—but until then, I'm trying to avoid making non-essential purchases. Well, sorta.

Here are things I want to buy, in no particular order:

New iPad or other tablet to replace my old iPad 2


Stand mixer

New laptop for the gf (I have a Macbook Pro Retina 13 I got last summer, but not sure she'd want to switch from Windows to Mac)


Proper blender (gf wants one with a smoothie mixer cup)


New tv stand

Camera lens(es)


Air purifier for my bedroom (we already have a big one downstairs)

Vacation to somewhere tropical


I'm setting a rule for myself though, which is that each of these things, I'm not going to buy until I set aside double the price, so that forces me to continue saving instead of depleting anything.

Damn responsibility.