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Here is a question no one is asking

As someone who grew up and lives in the country "rolling coal" is not only common but encouraged. I personally never cared much for it and I still don't to this day. That being said I don't think the EPA should have made it illegal to manufacture and sell smoke stacks. I see it as an infringement of my liberties(even if I wouldn't exercise that right). Furthermore I am sure at least a few people will lose their jobs over it. How is that fair?

My big question however is what about the trucks that already have the smoke stacks? If they were modified prior to the decision are they grandfathered in and therefore safe from this new regulation? Or will I see some of my acquaintances getting tickets for doing something that has been legal for all my life? If it's grandfathered in I'm going to have to buy me a lifted truck capable of rolling coal because they are about to appreciate in my area.


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