I know I pulled the plug on CarDomaining a few weeks ago, that doesn't mean that I don't still browse the site from time to time looking for LOLs.

So here is a little gem that caught my eye. From the looks of lead image, it had potential. I was expecting a hacked-up stereo install, bad wheels, and stickers....


Look at that hood, those gauges, the lack of a third pedal, those cheap seats, the big tach and the shifter...


Then came image #6

V8 IN A FORD FESTIVA WHY NOT? Allow me to explain what I did to this poor little car. I have a 355 Chevy V8 engine mounted in the rear and......


Wait, there's more.

....... I kept it front wheel drive,Yes it can do wicked reverse donuts.The transmission is a Chevy TH-350 running forward threw a shortened driveshaft. The differential is a limited-slip out of a 1989 BMW 325I.The c/v shafts are out of an audi 90 ,Yes they had to be heavily modified.I Stiffened up the car and added a roll bar.The car has an extremely custom exhaust,there is a cutout in the center so you can run it threw the two mufflers in the back and keep it quiet or you can get it LOUD by running it out the stacks. The interior still needs some finishing and the stock brakes definitely need up grading, but I'll get to that later.This is probably one of the meanest sleepers ever.I'M TRYING TO PUT FLAMETHROWERS ON THIS BUT I CAN'T FIND A GOOD SYSTEM, IF YOU HAVE SOME ADVISE PLEASE LET ME KNOW,THANKS. !!!!PLEASE RATE ME!!!!And his other ride is interesting, too.


It appears he is serious about two things:

1) the flame thrower, the stacks already have plug bungs.


and 2) the reverse donuts.

BONUS: I found video of it.

His other ride is pretty interesting, too.