Here’s The Plan

Things are getting much better once again. I’m back to losing weight, I’m working on loving myself, and things have not been better with family. Amazingly, owning the house has been an incredible bonding experience between my parents and I. I believe this is the reason that I’ve been able to live with them for a month and I feel I have enough independence and autonomy in my life. Hopefully this does not change.

Tomorrow I fully move out of my house.

After crunching the numbers, we stand to lose $20k-$100k in selling the house. Property values are depressed by, you guessed it, my petty next door neighbour calling the police whenever so much as a leaf blows into her yard from mine. She harassed every homeowner until they sold it. The house has switched hands more than a flood damaged car in the past 10 years.


The good news is that due to our extensive and upscale remodeling, the house’s rental value is roughly $1300 more than the mortgage after refi. My mum and I decided to rent the house for that price and split the profits (she’s co-owner). Meanwhile, I can set my sights for any location I want!

If I lived solo in the house (which I can afford by myself), there would be no profit, and that’s before the issue of not feeling safe in it. So I like this deal.

I’ll move some place I can afford on my own then use profits from the house to make it even cheaper to live. It’s like having a roommate, but better!


*Sigh of relief* No more roommates, man.

I’m also getting better at cooking!!! This is my 350 calorie “Rich Tomato Pasta”!


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