Good Tuesday oppnauts hope all is well for y’all. I’m hopefully at the cusp of some better job opportunities at work. As probably none of you know I stepped down from a leadership role 5-6 months back so we could move back to our hometown. Thankfully the role I stepped into was same pay so we didn’t take a pocket hit. Wife felt the urge and need to help care for her mom and brother. Noble efforts and all that business but I’ve been absolutely miserable in my current role. Hours are worse, more travel and new things I’m not really comfortable dealing with (had my old role for about 7 years) Thankfully a different division has posted a leadership position that I’m excited to find out a bit more about plus it would allow me to work more from home which has been a hard change on the kiddos especially. I’m just nervous that it won’t come to fruition and I’ll continue to feel trapped in what I’m doing. I know I have the experience and am well thought of by nearly everyone at my company but It’s weird to feel this way. Oh sure I had days I wanted out from the old job too but really what job isn’t like that?


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