The all-new, all-blue, Monaco Blue 931. It’s like looking at a dream come true. I’m still in awe of the fact that this is MY Porsche.

Of course I have to put it back together, albeit carefully. The paint is still curing/hardening. And another thing. I believe this dispels the myth that “all Maacos are bad and give you crap paint jobs”.


My experience was straightforward and simple. I told them my plans for the car, the problem areas that needed some bodywork, and we went over the options and how to go about it. What paint system was used (Sherwin Williams in this case), and an expected time to complete. This is a urethane-based single stage and the problem areas I originally had can’t be found anymore. It’s not concourse-levels but I’ll be damned if it can’t pass for one. Solid 9.5/10, 10/10 compared to what came before.

This is gonna be schweeet

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