Time for another chapter in the saga that seemingly will not die: the one of my dad deciding he wants to get rid of one of our German cars every single time something breaks, and then getting over it after a month or so, and then repeating. Well, I’m away at school right now, and this morning I got a call from him. It’s the same story as always. Yesterday while he was driving the X3, a “Drivetrain Malfunction” warning popped up and the car lurched a bit, then drove normally. And of course, while on his way to drop it off at the shop, he passed a dealership that had just taken in a 2011 Genesis V8 and listed it for $13,000. His latest idea is to trade in his 110,000 mile BMW even on the 60,000 mile Hyundai, drive the Hyundai for 12-18 months, and then get back into something more expensive and “permanent” (this being a relative term for him). Once again, I cannot figure out the actual logic here other than wanting to save on repairs for a year or so. I’m also sure it’s a moot point, and he’s just going to fix the X3 and keep on driving it for the remainging year or so until he’d get something new anyway.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with him. He called my bluff, big time. After just 18 months, the X3 is gone. He is now the proud owner of a 385 horsepower Korean luxobarge. I’m genuinely not sure how I feel about this. I’m sure the Hyundai won’t have fit-and-finish levels quite on the same level as the Bimmer, but it does have a lot of things going for it that I like. We’ll be gaining radar-guided cruise control and *an* air conditioned seat, and of course that big V8 mated to RWD. I’ve also been promised that I get to do burnouts in it when he picks me up in two weeks, so there’s that. Either way, he’s very happy, and that’s what matters.