Here we go again!

Hit while parked, but not in this lot.

It looks like it was caught by a mirror or something. It’s a long scrape with black scuff marks which ends in a dent.


The damage isn’t that bad. If it were mine, I’d visit a paintless dent repair shop and have them pop it out. Instead, I get to turn it in with damage, file an insurance claim with Amex, and pick up a new vehicle. It seems like a painless process, but it will take months to resolve and I will have to deal with more paperwork.

This is my third claim on rental cars this year. The first was a broken windshield due to a rock hitting it on the freeway, the second was two broken side windows from an attempted burglary (there wasn’t anything worth stealing), and now this. I’m just thankful that none were my fault and none happened in my personal vehicle.

Time to play rental car roulette again!

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