What bullshit. I was rooting for the Honda LMP2's to win, and if it wasn't for the damn 30+ minute caution, all because a car stalled on one of the runoff roads (5 min to tow it back, 25 minutes for the authorities to collect their heads out of their asses.

Yes, I'm glad Franchitti won for the first time at Sebring in 25 years, or whatever it was, that's great and all... but doesn't it lose some of it's glory if it's been tailored through cautions at the hands of NASCAR officials? I mean, when the green flag returned, he had a 7 second lead. In the following 15-20 minutes, Brabham was able to cut that down to a 2 second lead. If it weren't for the damn yellow, it wouldn't have been a competition whatsoever, and Brabham would have won with a comfortable lead.

I do not like this new USCC, Sam I Am. I do not like it with green eggs and ham.