I’m not that old, I’m technically a millennial...so why in the past, 6 months to a year do I suddenly feel like I don’t understand the craziness I read on the interwebs these days? I feel like what I see is a lot of emotional appeals in echo chambers that self reinforce opinions and social repression of dissenting opinion, minority or otherwise.


I realize there is a lot of upheaval in the social contract these days, but sometimes I feel like anything that isn’t change is seen as prima facie evidence of a broken belief.

Even little stuff like this gets me in a twist and frankly “Okay Boomer” kinda pisses me off. Regardless of what boomers may have done (and there is a lot of evidence that its not been good things...this isn’t my argument), it just seems like bringing confrontation for no good reason other than its easy and makes you feel a little better. Like breathing out a quiet “jerk when you are mad at your parents as a kid.


This isn’t about that though, it’s more that every post that is related to any marginalized community only has one right collective opinion, and there is no room for understanding in the community for people trying and come to grips with the underling message, only outrage and disgust that you aren’t already there.

Religion, politics, gender and race, social etiquette even...its all just “us vs them” and frankly the general attitudes are moving to deepen any divide as opposed to bridging gaps.


I love the comedy shows going to town on the Trumpwreck...but...even I see the embellishments, and hyperbole that push the “us vs them” mentality. I.e. its funny but not helping and even if they all say its for entertainment value its still very powerful in the formation of opinions that drive a wedge. The impeachment has been a great example - the votes are already cast on party lines, and not on evidence and that’s bullshit. Democrat/republican, religious/seculist, “woke”/”unwoke”, the new generation/old, etc.

We’re digging ourselves in trenches. I am religious, and frankly if you are or aren’t...great. But I do think there is something to be said for the believe that any force that seeks to divide and not unit is a calculated effort to destroy us. I think we are just nuts to fall victim to that common pitfall, and so hard.


That having been said, hawaiian pizza is delicious and you can’t convince me otherwise.  

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