Actually, I'm just really confused as to what's happening, and want some insight.

We heat by wood, I burned 4 pieces earlier at about 9am (it's about 10pm right now). It was 72 F. The embers should be mostly dead, at least the outside of it. So I don't believe much heat is left in them. Our furnace turns on when the temp hits 68 F. So the furnace has not turned on at all.

When the fire died, the temp was about 75 F. This was about noon time. For some reason, it had been getting hotter. It's currently 78 F.

We do have a gaslog fireplace on the other side in the house, but the only time the differences in the temps meet is at the doorway. You can feel the difference, they don't really interact, they are separate environments.

So Oppo, any ideas why it has been getting hotter? The temp outside is 55 F, and it was 45 F earlier. But I'm really confused as to how the temp can still raise with no additional heat sources.