I spent way too much time making this ridiculous graphic.

Good morning, Oppo! The following is a list of cars that have been in production in their current generation, perhaps with some facelifting along the way, since 2007. In other words if you buy one of these new, someone out there has a 10 year old car that is basically the same as yours. Yes, a couple of these have had pretty big power bumps and added features along the way, but they all ride the same platform and have at least some of the same sheet metal that they did a decade ago. I haven’t checked this for completeness, so I may have missed something. But without further ado, here they are from newest to oldest...


Dodge Journey - Although it began as a 2009 model, it actually went on sale in late 2007.
Dodge Grand Caravan - It has been heavily facelift and is supposedly going out of production soon, the current generation has been on sale since 2007 when the 4th generation debuted as a 2008 model.
Fiat 500. Although it didn’t come to the USA until 2010, it has been on sale in the current form since 2007 in other markets.
Infiniti QX50. This is actually a picture of an Infiniti EX37. Infiniti renamed it at some point ant stretched it 2 inches, but it’s basically the same thing as it was 10 years ago.


Lexus LX. It’s been facelifted three times, but it is still a J200.
Maserati GranTurismo. Still looks fresh to me.
Mitsubishi Lancer. It actually went out of production last month, but 2017 models should be available new for a while.


Nissan GT-R. It’s been significantly upgraded in looks, power, and price, but it is the same R35 that went on sale in Japan at the end of 2007.


Ford Expedition. The new model starts production in September. Until then you can get the same one that’s been kicking around since 2006 with only minor styling changes and an EcoBoost V6 replacing the V8 a few years ago.


Hard to believe, but the JK Wrangler has been in production since the 2006. The new one gets here soon, but new JK’s will be on lots for quite some time yet.
Jeep Patriot. Production has apparently ended, but there are still new Patriots on dealer lots.
Lexus LS. The big grille added in 2013 makes this look different at first glance, but the side profile makes it clear this is the same XF40 that has been around since 2006. The new XF50 should be on sale in Japan by the end of the year and the USA in early 2018.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It’s been facelifted, but the second-generation NCV3 Sprinter has been around since 2006.
Toyota Tundra. It got a big facelift in 2014 with new sheetmetal (except for the cab) and a new interior, but it’s the same truck underneath.


Aston Martin Vangage.



Nissan Frontier. The most amazing thing about this is just how little it has been updated in 13 years.


Chevrolet Express - you all knew this would be here. The 1500 was discontinued back in 2012, but you can still buy a new 2500 or 3500. I’m not really sure how much different this “second generation” is under the sheetmetal from the first that debuted in 1995, but I’ll be generous and call say the current one has been with us since 2003. In any case, it’s the second oldest on the list. You can also still get a GMC Savanna version too.



I have nothing to say that hasn’t been said about the 463 G-Class

A few observations... I thought about adding the Chrylser 300 and Dodge Charger to the list, but I think the 2011 redesign is significant enough that that even though they are on the same platform, they are nearly unrecognizable as the cars that debuted in 2005. Yes, we could argue that means the GT-R shouldn’t be on the list, but despite all the upgrades, even Nissan still refers to the GT-R as the same generation that came out in late 2007. There is a fair amount of FCA stuff in here as expected, but other than that there isn’t any one manufacturer that stands out as having an excessive amount of 10+ year old models still on sale. Most of these aren’t bad cars despite their age - they are either unique models that fill a niche or vehicles that we very good when they were new that just haven’t needed a redesign yet. There are a few things that I expected to find on the list that feel like they’ve been around forever, but aren’t a decade old just yet (370Z, Ram 1500) and there are a few that have been replaced recently that you might still see a few of lingering on lots alongside the new ones (VW Tiguan). As a final thought, it sure will be weird when G-Class gets replaced/retired.