What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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I haven’t driven the alfa as much as I used to mainly because everything on it is wore out, I guess that happens when you do nothing but beat on a car lol. Really though all it needs is a bunch of money thrown at it. Right now the biggest issues are

  • The brakes are not very good
  • The uniroyal tigerpaws are like 16 years old (don’t ask me how I’m not dead yet)
  • It leaks inside and out
  • 2nd gear is neither here nor there
  • the alternator is finicky, well the whole electrical system is finicky, I may end up making my own wiring harness for the car, whether you should find that alarming or amazing I’m not sure.

Yeah so basically my plans are to build it into a very confident backroad rat eventually I want 180hp at the crank and for it to weigh 1800lbs empty. Should be fairly doable but also quite expensive... So I think right now I’m just gonna focus on it making it feel like its not going to fall apart when i go around a corner at a decent speed.

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