Want to go back to the future? No...this is not a DeLorean...but it is likely the automotive future. This is a super cool car for someone who has style and a desire to be GREEN.

Over $13,000 was invested in 2008 into this car. This 1980 Bradley is 100% electric. The past owner reported it was used for sometime to commute and had about a 30-60 mile range on a full overnight charge.

The family owns a large company here in San Antonio and let the car sit in the warehouse since 2010 which is when the car was last registered.

I ran across it and thought it was super cool and offered to purchase it. This car was not built half ass. It was put together well. As far as I know the only thing it needs is the batteries replaced. There are about 5 Trojan T-1275 batteries (about $150 ea.) and one isolated 12 volt battery to run the lights and radio etc.

The past owner reported he thought the batteries were good still and just needed to be each disconnected and slowly charged individually at first. We'll likely try that this week.

The transmission is a four speed Volkswagen Transaxle. So, it would also be rather simply to install a hot Volkswagen motor.

The doors are currently not seating right and need adjustment. The paint looks decent and all the glass is good. Someone did key the drivers side a bit. The interior is in pretty nice shape as you can see.