Here's a crazy thought

Instead of looking for a Volvo, I could buy a new pickup and start another business. Go back to working for myself.

$20k for a new pickup.

$500 for a good ladder rack.

$600 for a full compliment of extension and step ladders.

$300 for miscellaneous window gear.

$600 for top-of-the-line Husqvarna backpack blower.

$300 for miscellaneous gutter cleaning gear.

$1500 for commercial grade pressure washer.

$600 for miscellaneous pressure washing gear.

$800 for PPE. Fall restraints, eye protection, GOAT, anchors, etc.

About $26,000 to start a business that can easily make double that the first year, and triple the following. Significantly less if I buy a used truck. Keep it low to the ground, prioritizing profits over growth at a 70/30 ratio. Drive sales via SEO, good web design and review-gathering software. Cap off expansion at one additional year-round full-time employee, to keep operations as simple as possible. Jump into the Christmas light hanging business next season, but otherwise stick to windows, gutters, and pressure-washing.


I did alright the first time around, but now... Well. I’ve learned a lot since I started that company six years ago. I don’t really want to stay in this field, but putting in work for something that’s my own is infinitely more rewarding than building up someone else’s business. Stick to the above plan for a while, save some cash and transition to working weekends, then I could go back to school fulltime.

Gaaaaah. It takes me forever to start something. Despite almost always enjoying new endeavors, I still have a deep-seated fear of leaving behind what I’m familiar with. “Objects at rest tend to stay at rest,” and the momentum I gained when jumping into this new position is now gone. As is my passion for being Operations Manager here. Decisions, decisions.

I’m not sure if I’m serious or not. Late-night AIM approaches life and large decisions in a different manor than daytime Aim. That said I’m approaching a point where I’ll need some kind of change. I’d like a career that’s exciting—and dangerous. Or if not that, something I’ve built from the ground up, enjoying every second of it despite the grind. Barring those two options, I’d take a job with a high enough pay that I could push my other desires aside, at least temporarily.

Idle thoughts, or preliminary planning? I don't know, but either way it helps to get this written out. 

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