Here's a drinking game for you.

First off, I am going to hell for even thinking this, let alone sharing it.

DiRT Rally. Have you played it? This is what it looks like, and as far as video games go, it’s hard as fuck.

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So I hated this game at first. Hated it. Couldn’t get the cars to steer, had to tweak a ton of settings, and beyond that, it’s not really much of a video game as it is true to life. If you go around mashing the gas at every turn, it works here as well as it does on a drive through a medium sized town. Very realistic. However, does it ever grow on you. It’s a game you get mad at and want to beat because fuck you why does this turn have ice?


Now, I’ve gotten into this game. And the game tracks you. It notes everything. And I like a cocktail or three some nights and I had five and tried to play that goddamn game.

So here’s my idea. Play the game until you’re frustrated but hopeful. In my experience it’ll last a while. Get consistent. Then, go get lit and try matching your sober scores from before you ever got any good.


Pretty sure you’ll never drink and drive.

Also seems like a hilarious way to compete with yourself, drunk vs sober, and I’m mixing another one and hill climbing Pike’s Peak where I will undoubtedly launch off the side of a mountain to be magically reset in the middle of the track many, many times.

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