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Here's a Fun Game:

Oppo, I have a challenge for all y’all. It involves classic beater cars and a hypothetical endurance race. Behold:

Beverly Hills Car Club is the go-to “dealership” for classic cars sold as-is. They have all manner of classic cars in all manner of conditions...


Here’s the challenge. You find yourself stranded at this “dealership” with only a toolbox and a suitcase containing $100k. You need to be in New York City in exactly one week. You have to find the best car to get you to NYC.


Now for a twist: A number of other bloggers are present too, each with a toolbox and $100k. Whoever gets to NYC first gets to keep the car that he or she purchased. All leftover money has to be returned, and all cars except first place are returned to the dealership as well. (They’ll be sold at a ridiculous markup since y’all got them running reliably.)

Challenge rules:

  • You buy ONE car from the inventory to drive from Beverly Hills to NYC
  • You can spend the remaining funds on a parts car
  • You must get the car running and get it all the way across the country
  • The toolbox contains every tool you need for the chosen car, but you must factor in the labor-hours it will take to get it running
  • All the freeways have been closed off for this challenge, so you need to consider top speed in your choice of car
  • The only consumables available on the journey will be gasoline, coolant, and oil, so you must carry any replacement parts with you in the car
  • You must pay full price for the parts car if you so choose to buy one

Post your ideal car & parts car, and explain/justify your strategy. Bonus points for creativity and unlikely parts cars or engine swaps!


Racers, start your engines fix your engines!

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