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Here's a fun (read: depressing) game

Who do you think will be the next company to drop manuals from the lineup completely? I’m thinking Nissan, followed by Acura (do they still even have one? If only there was a way for me to find that info). And then Subaru close behind. I’ll save this and repost in twenty years and we can all laugh (cry).

For reasons so blatantly obvious I won’t bother going into detail, the last manual automakers standing will be Jaguar and Fiat, who by that time will have merged to form FJC, the Fiat Jaguar Corporation with their new brand Cruiser, focused solely on maximum go-anywhere capabilities in comfort. Built with a mix of Italian mechanical know-how and British technical systems, the FJ Cruisers will carve out a name for themselves as bastions of subdued perfection, ready to tackle anything. Sold in a flat burgundy/aluminum foil two-tone paint job with standard BMW deactivating electro darts, this vehicle will rise to the top of the automotive spectrum, ending the luxuriously appointed Mitsubishi Mirage’s decades long seat atop the high-end sales throne.

The ripples will spread throughout the industry. Everything from Teslas auto-pilot enabled motorhomes to the new Dodge Hellbeast DeathBlade Challenger (based on the 2008 underpinnings) will instantly and irreversibly be rendered useless, and tossed away for the lower class fish people to swarm over. Ironically, the only unaffected brand will be Porsche-Lotus-Miata, with their line of lightweight sports-cars finally perfecting the classic instantaneous brain controlled steering and throttle application.


With this move, the balance may finally have a chance of being restored. With the help of a small highly skilled team of racing criminals who are apparently also investigators and maybe cops or something, Toyota Corps stranglehold on the New World Order Pharmaceutical distribution center can finally be put to an end. But not so fast! We’ll need fast yet stealthy rides to fly under the literal radar Toyota Corp has installed on every block! Curse them and their mastery of the dark side of the force!!like I said, we need wheels. And I know just the place to find them. Strap in. Time to enter the Matrix. The fight for the future of Volvo diesel trucks is now, and Yueng Chao international will stop at NOTHING to bring back the rule of the cruel Honda overlords.

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