Let's say for whatever reason as of tomorrow your vehicle (or vehicles, for those of you rocking multiples) suddenly became unrecoverable. Say, natural disaster, theft, write off or whatever.

And you had really good (and wholly fantasy) insurance that would effectively pay the purchase price you paid back to you to go get a replacement. For those of you under financing, they will cover the value of your loan and bring you back to zero.

What would you replace your vehicle or vehicles with at the budget allowed by the insurance settlement or for a similar level of debt you assumed to drive what you drive now. Why would you choose it? Be sure to tell us what you drive now as well.

And no, you can't just buy the same car again or pocket ANY of the cash. That's hardly any fun.


For my part, my Dart going away would push me in the direction of a new full tits BRZ because I like them. Even in their somewhat underpowered glory they are a driver's car and are tres flingable.

For the 79 Malibu (roughly 10k cash) I would go and find a nice capable winter sport ute like an older GX (whose value on high mile units sits in that ballpark) because reliability, comfort, and great winter-ability.


And for the 65o dollar Parisienne wagon?

Motherfucking geo metro.

Your turn.