Chris Harris pretty much nailed it. The quote, emphasis mine, after the jump:

“I’m from the internet. If you think the press are harsh, try YouTube commenters, the press are amateurs,” he told us.

“It’s the way it is. There were bits of the last series that were better than other bits, but ultimately if you go back and watch it now, some of the VTs are really, really good.

“We all knew we were in for a hard time whatever happened. We could have produced the single finest programme on television and we probably would have had some grief for it because of the legacy issues. We went into it knowing that.”


This is key information, because you have to remember: almost nobody liked Mk3. I know I didn’t. And the BBC has to realize that they have to rid themselves of the notion that they can do the same trick with different animals. They have to make a new trick; a new show.

So, who here is gonna check out the first episode of TopGear Mk4? I would, partly because Harris is driving a once-in-a-lifetime car—the car I like the most—at Daytona, but mostly because I want to see if the BBC actually got it right.