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Here's a great song and it comes with a story.

Working in Uzbekistan, we met these two ethnic Russian civil engineers. Nationality-wise, our group was French, Italian, and alcoholic, so these two quickly fell in with our nightly post dinner binge-drinking chain-smoking session that would usually last from 7 to midnight.


One of these guys, who was pretty quiet and didn’t speak English, was an amazing guitarist. He’d get out his guitar and take requests. The guy knew a ton of songs, but he could also play by ear like crazy, so if he didn’t know a song, we could just play it and he’d follow stupidly close.

So, being an asshole, at some point I choose this song, knowing that around 2 minutes in it has a slide guitar solo. He gets to the slide guitar part, literally misses a beat when it gets to the solo, then grabs a fucking glass off of the table and follows along.


I really liked those guys, even though one of them stole my cigarettes from me and told me American cigarettes were contraband.

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