Here's a Great Video of a Strange Car

Image: screenshot from Adam Ivell’s video

Apparently I’m not the first on Oppo to discover the funky Renault Twizy, but a video popped up on my Youtube feed yesterday that introduced me to something I’d never seen. Adam Ivell does a pretty good job showing off this Reault Twizy F1 around his home town of Essex. This is one of five special Twizies designed by Oakley sunglass company and presumably built as a marketing tool for both Oakley and Renault.

The Twizy F1 looks like the bastard child of a smart car after a drunken one-night stand with a formula one racing car. Almost everything about this little electric Renault makes it garner attention, from its open wheels and suspension, to its miniature McLaren Senna doors and its fighter jet seating arrangement. Its clear in the video that people love it, as almost every face you see is aimed directly at the little egg shaped F1 car and it seems to draw an impromptu crowd wherever its parked. Adam says he had this Renault Twizy F1 on loan from Mantis Cars, an exotic car sales group in the UK. Apparently it was for sale at the time the video was shot, but didn’t stay on the market long. although it doesn’t seem like much more than a large electric toy, it kind of won me over.


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