who knows what this is? (if you know for certain dont comment until 8:50 eastern)

Its my dream jalop car (brown wagon), but often overshadowed by its lighter siblings..

Yes, its the Mazda RX4 wagon, the car was offered in 3 body styles, coupe, sedan and wagon and was always heavier than the Rx3 (at 1900lbs) and the Rx2 (2100lbs) at 2300-2400lbs so it never gained the attention they got, despite it being the first use of the Mazda 13B engine (along side the for courier based Mazda REPU pick up truck). Now a days i love the cars because theyre very special (even more so than the Rx3s and 2s which i still see raced today) because the car never was popular as a race car it kind of faded away