To all the people telling them to sell t-shirts to fund their travel and equipment and living expenses.

They should just license their own matchbox cars. These would sell like hotcakes to the kids.

Matt Farah โ€” Delorean, '08 Honda Odessy Minivan, and Aston Martin

Chris Harris โ€” Wet dog S4 avant, 3 legged E30 M3 rally car, and Citroen 2CV

Mike Musto โ€” Charger Daytona, 1992 Chevrolet Caprice "Battle" Wagon

Spinelli โ€” Public transit bus

Larry Kosilla โ€” Ford E series van, 3.8L Porsche 964 C4

Special mention:

Alex Roy โ€” Citroen SM and Morgan 3Wheeler

Corbin Goodwin โ€” Zero F**ks Given RX-7