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Here's a national stereotype you might find interesting

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Croatians think of Czech tourists as somewhat reckless drunks. When you say Czech tourist, the image you put in a Croatians head is of a family over packed in a Škoda Octavia wagon, all on their way to the coast, but stopping at Velebit (the tallest mountain range here), to hike up the mountain in flip-flops.


I don’t know exactly how this started, but yeah, to a Croatian, a Czech tourist is wearing flip-flops to hike up a mountain and gets lost.

I think some unfortunate family got stranded up there a few years back and started the trend, where they had to call in the mountain-safety-airlift thing to help them, and the whole nation laughed at their poor hiking footware choices.

/ just a disclaimer, I think we can all agree that it’s probably bullshit and it’s bad to stereotype people like that. I just think it’s interesting to see how other people see each other.


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