Here's a sedan I wouldn't kick out of bed.


The GS460. Using the same 342-horsepower V8 from the LS460, it’s even more subtle — dare I say, invisible — ad rarer than it’s older brother. It’s a little bit smaller, and a little bit faster. And it’s almost as fuel (in)efficient as an IS300.

I especially love this dark wood finish on light interior I found on an old for sale post on the googles. I think it would be a very nice place to be. The exterior has a little bit of the “mid-00's transitional-purgetory” look, but I dig it.

So what’s the rub? Well, they basically don’t exist because so few were sold. Prices range from 7 to 20 grand depending on condition and age. Most I’ve found are maroon or silver, and of course blaaaaaaaack interiors.


When I take my dog for a walk and largely admire the view and everyone’s fancy or fun cars, I’m always like, “Wow, wouldn’t it be nice... Then I do a little research on whatever the flavor of the day is and end with, “Hell no, I’m not paying for that.”

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