Here's a Thing I Drive Now

A while ago on here, I was debating about what to do about my old job because I didn’t know what was going on with my probable new job. Well, I’ve been doing the new job for two weeks now and I LOVE it, so here’s my new work vehicle:

Its a 2017 Freightliner 114SD with a Princeton Piggyback forklift on the back. Detroit Diesel DD13 engine (I’m trying to find which tune it has, but its between 350 and 505 hp and 1250 and 1850 ft lbs...feels like its on the higher end of that, its no slouch) with a 6 speed automatic transmission. Because I got my license in a school bus, I have an ‘automatic only’ exemption on my license, so its fortunate the truck is an automatic. I can drive a stick, and I can drive a 9 speed like the older trucks we have, but this is easier.


Its pretty decently optioned, or maybe it just has a high level of standard equipment. Power windows and locks, AC, bluetooth radio, driver’s side air seat. Drives great, doesn’t turn super sharp but after putting 200 miles on it today I’m pretty comfortable in it.

Anyway, I put in about 55 hours last week and 13.5 hours today alone. The days kinda fly by, its excellent. Horray new job!

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